Sajid Akbar & the Lost boys

Sajid AKbar

Sajid Akbar & the Lost boys:

Sajid began playing guitar in school and realized the need to delve further into music. His first band Killer Tomatoes (1998-2003) made headlines as soon as they started off, creating a buzz in Delhi with charged performances and a blooming fan base. K.T. went onto winning Mood Indigo (Bombay) and a string of other rock festivals in Pillani, Kanpur and Chennai. An acute sense of observation coupled with musical sensitivity made way for new inspiration. He stepped out to form a simplistic yet evocative way to play his music. A careful blend of synthetic textures and electronic sound creates a counter energy in his music which essentially has its roots in more of the acoustic/folk sound. The term Folktronic would be a safe way to describe the mix.